South Carolina Montessori Alliance

Montessori Education Week

February 23-March 1, 2014

SCMA will launch a video collection of Montessori programs throughout the state to commenorate the Montessori education practices across the state.

In honor of Montessori Education Week, Governor Haley will visit Coastal Montessori Charter School, South Carolina's 2nd Montessori Charter school but among many Montessori schools and even many among SC public Montessori schools! Montessori programs continue to flourish due to the parental demand for real choice and real individualized education! Governor's Proclamation (pdf)

Montessori educationThe concept of Montessori Education Week was born in the late 80's as, then owner's of the Montessori Child Enrichment Center, Peter and Rosann Larrow wanted to get the word out about Montessori Education. In the late 90's, the Larrows worked with the International Association for Montessori Education to take the idea to the national and international levels, designating the last week in February as the official week to recognize Montessori education. The Larrows continue to maintain a website full of ideas and information at The formal recognition by State Governor's Proclamations began in 2007 allowing the idea to truly reach all schools. South Carolina was one of the states to immediately get on board with the idea of commemorating the important movement afoot across the world coined as the Montessori Movement.

Montessori Education ProclamationHere in South Carolina, the South Carolina Montessori Alliance files for the Governors' Proclamation, announces Montessori Education Week events, and provides information on how your school can participate. Send us your school's events and we will announce them prior to the event or post them on our site after the event at Your submission can be text, video or picture. We are so grateful for continued support of Montessori Education Week by Governor Nikki Haley.

Optional Ideas for Participation

At the School Level

At the City Level

At the State Level

The SCMA Board welcomes your input into how the state organizes the events surrounding this very important recognition of Montessori Education. Contact for suggestions and questions.

More Ideas

SCMA welcomes your creative ideas.


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